HR is now our problem

We provide a full outsourced HR department from just $8 per employee per month.

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We Pay Your employees

We send them payslips

We manage their leave

We can upload or send you a batch file so your employees get paid on time every time.


We handle their super

It’s a legal requirement, so we’ll send them automatically every payday to every employee.


We’ll answer their questions

You and your employees will know exactly how much annual and sick leave is owing at any time.


We’ll answer your questions

We can upload or send you a batch file so your employees get paid on time every time.

Why am I paying so much tax? What is my hourly rate? Can I get paid in BitCoins?


Whatever your HR questions are, you’ll have expert assistance so you comply with the law.


We have no lock-in contracts

Because we know you’ll just love us

The Process

The Benefits 


e try our very best to build a close relationship with our clients, and not just so we can get invited to your Christmas party (although it’s always welcome, and the answer is always yes). If you have a timesheet system we can use that. If we don’t know it, we’ll learn it.

Why Outsource Payroll?


e maintain a capability to manage the payroll of numerous companies, and have the internal systems to ensure it happens without a hitch every pay period. You don’t need to worry about the reliability of someone in-house, because our internal systems mean that we have several people who can run the same payroll.

How Much Do Payroll Services Cost?


epending on your pay cycle and the number of employees, our payroll services start from $200 per month. Every business is different, so we’ll be able to give you an indicative price over the phone if you tell us a little about what you do and how your payroll works.

How Do I Kick Off an Outsourced Payroll Solution?


he first step is for us to meet with you and learn how you currently manage things. We’ll give you some advice on how to streamline the process and offer you a fully integrated solution and a cost proposal. If you take us up, then we’ll start billing you… if you decide not to proceed, then you won’t pay a cent.